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tibicos used in the production of
                St. Michael's water kefir
We keep a good supply of healthy, organic, water kefir grains (tibicos) on hand for the production of our beverages.
Here's how they look after rinsing in filtered water.
What does our filter take out of the water?

Flouride is removed from the water before being used in preparing a kefir mixture for fermentation. We use a five foot tall filtration system to do the job.

It starts with tibicos, maintained in clean, filtered water (no fluoride or chlorine) and measured in amounts suitable for blulk fermentation.
Many call them "grains", as they look like grains when not in solution. They are used during the fermentation process, then removed before bottling the water kefir drink.

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Organic Certification / HACCP Certification

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Tibicos is water kefir: organic, fizzy, biologique

Organic, fizzy, fermented water kefir is bottled at peak of perfection
in clear, clean 350 mL 'twist off' capped bottles, just for you.

only by special order from the production facility
 in the GTA.

Ask for it by Name: St. Michael's water kefir

        USDA organiccertified Canada

Organic certification by ProCert
Produced in a HACCP certified facility.

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Water kefir is Tibicos and that means healthy  

Manufactured in
Toronto, Canada M3J 3C7
Certified organic by: Pro-Cert
Mfg. in a HACCP certified Canadian facility  


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